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January 5, 2016

Tania Spice – Perfect Pink


I’ve been reading a lot of my fan mail lately and I have to say, some of you are as naughty as I am! I love the inspiration you give to me and I especially love when you tell me what you want to see me do in my next photo shoots. Although some of it is impossible (I don’t think I can get fucked up the ass on a chair lift in Colorado. I live in South America and hate the cold) some of you have amazing ideas that make me so horny I have to masturbate right then and there as I read it. One of the fantasies that many of you have is to see me fuck myself up the ass on a table with my socks on. Ummm……I do that every day! Since it’s a simple one that you all want to see, here it is! Of course this is Tania Spice so I had to spice it up for you a bit. I fuck myself in my pussy first so that I can suck my sweet cum off my vibrator. To lube it up for my ass I give it a nice little blow job and leave my spit dripping from it’s tip so it slides into my tight asshole super easy. You know I love anal and you don’t have to ask me twice to give it to you. Enjoy and stay naughty! Click here to see more!

December 11, 2015

Tania Spice – Pool Play


It’s Tania here bitches. That’s right. I’m the naughty and nasty spice girl that everyone loves to love and get off to. No one does it nastier than I do and I plan to keep it that way. Plus, I know you all love it because I read all your fan mail and you all tell me to keep doin what I’m doin. You all know you love when I fuck my ass but I’m gonna make you work for it! One of my favorite places to get fucked is on a pool table. I don’t know if it’s the way the felt feels against my skin or the fact that I’m surrounded by long sticks and balls but I wanted to get naughty for you on top of one today. I had my friend open his bar early for me so that I could spend a few hours fucking myself on top of his pool table. I brought along my favorite pink vibrator so that I could cum multiple times all over the felt. It felt so good in my pussy the only thing my friend said was that I couldn’t squirt on his table! Log on so that you can see me squeeze my nipple on the one ball, finger myself by the back pocket and fuck myself right on the middle of the table. The funny thing is that I came back to the bar that night and watched a dozen couples play pool on the table with no knowledge of the fact that I fucked myself on it all day. That’s how I roll. The naughtier the better for Tania Spice. Just how you like it playaz!! Click here to see more!

November 26, 2015

Tania Spice – Pink Pigtails

Cuz I want to. That’s always my answer when people ask me why I do what I do. Ummm, because I want to. Why do you do what you do? If it’s because you have to, well that sucks for you. I tell people all the time, I like being naked and I love having sex. I love my work. Not many people can say that these days. On this beautiful morning I decided to shave completely naked. I usually get really turned on when I do that because my pussy gets so sensitive to everything that touches it. I was driving myself crazy all morning but I wanted to save all that sexual tension because I knew I was going to work that evening. When I got there I tried to go slow but it didn’t work. My photographer got a few shots off of my tits, but it didn’t take long for me to pull my panties aside and start fucking myself with this super slick dildo. I needed cock in my wet pussy so freakin bad it was driving me wild. I was so wet and I knew I would ridiculously sweet. I couldn’t help but go from my pussy to my mouth a few times before I came so hard I almost squirted. So log on and enjoy my photos and know that I do it all for you.
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November 11, 2015

Tania Spice – Mobster Tania

When I get bored I like to dress up and role-play for fun.  Today I felt a little bitchy and super bossy so what better outfit to put on than a super bitch mob boss!  If only this photo session came with an audio track!  I was giving directions on set and everything had to go my way or it was gonna be no way for sure!  I even tried to use this tough mafia accent but I don’t think that was working too well.  Sometimes the only thing that will snap me out of a bad mood is to cum really hard.  I don’t know if it’s the endorphins or if it’s just that it feels really good.  I started to masturbate with this huge red vibrator while shouting orders to watch me cum.  I was starting to get off but I still wanted to be the mob boss in charge of the situation.  The only thing that would have made today better was if I had like six mob bitches there to boss around and make them eat me out and finger my ass.  I came about five times before the end of the shoot and you can see how I’m smiling by the end of the day.  I hope you’ll be smiling too after you see how much of that dildo I shoved up by mafia muff! Click here to see more!

October 27, 2015

Tania Spice – Showing Off


Ha..ha.  I don’t even know what to say about this shoot.  It all started out normal enough.  I was up on a windowsill spreading out my pussy for you.  I had just shaved that morning so it was soft, wet and swollen.  My cameraman had his lens right up in my twat so I started playing with my clit for him and tasting myself off my fingers.  I was so wet and the taste of myself always gets me in the mood to fuck.  I could tell my cameraman was getting hard and it was turning me on big time.  I could see his hard cock through his jeans and I knew where this was going.  I started fucking myself with a silver vibrator but I really wanted the real thing today.  I hardly ever do this during my shoots so make room on your hard drive and get ready to start downloading.  I walked over to my camera guy, took out his dick and started sucking.  I wanted to choke on his hard cock while I fingered myself and played with my clit.  It felt so good to cum as I was deepthroating his rod.  Just another hard day at work for me, pun intended.  Log and enjoy fellas and remember, I am the wildest bitch in the Spice line-up and I intend to keep it that way! Click Here To See More!

October 11, 2015

Tania Spice – Candy and Dildos


A friend of mine gave me a multi-color lollipop in the shape of a penis, ha ha. I figured it would go great with my rainbow colored stockings so I decided to do this photo-shoot with them. Since I am the naughtiest off all the spice girls I had to try it. I started by licking it nice and soft, imagining it was a real hard cock in my mouth and soon realized my panties were getting wet all over. I was rubbing the lollipop against my wet pussy lips and clit. It felt sooo good I couldn’t resist to masturbate. I had some anal beads and a fun vibrator with me to help me cum. Click Here To See More!

September 26, 2015

Tania Spice – Sexy Maid


I thought this outfit was just as sexy as it can be. I like to call it the Sexy Latina Maid outfit, ha ha. It really feels great against my body and love how it makes my big natural tits feel. The tingling sensation I get all over my body down to my pussy from the outfit caressing my nipples is incredible. Makes my pussy so wet it almost drips down my legs. So what do I do when I get this feeling…well play with my toys of course! My always ready purple pimped out vibrator does such an amazing job on getting me off. It fits perfectly in my mouth, ass and pussy. Click Here To See More!

September 10, 2015

Tania Spice – Wet And Wild


Well hello there! ha ha…I am feeling silly today! Anyway…Did you know I love taking baths? I am sure you do, ha ha. Something about the felling every part of my body touched by water gets me so horny! I can always count on it. We all know that baths are better if you have company and today is no different than any other day. I had two of my favorite friends with me…they are my vibrating ducky and my awesome green vibrator! Nothing like having my ass spread by my vibrator while I have my ducky getting the job done in my pussy. What a way to spend my afternoon all wet! Click Here To See More!

August 26, 2015

Tania Spice – Pink Bikini


Hi there dolls! Today was such a beautiful sunny day. I couldn’t resist to put on my bikini, go to the pool and enjoy the sun light hitting my soft skin. But as you all know I am the naughty of the Spice girls so I had to have some fun. In no time my pink and white bikini was on the ground and I was laying totally naked by the pool. There is never a day you can catch me without any of my toys, I love to masturbate. Today is no different, I had my multi color bead butt plug nice and deep in my ass along with my trusty yellow vibrator against my clit. I am getting all wet thinking about it. Click Here To See More!

August 11, 2015

Tania Spice – Schoolgirl

Hey fellas, its Tania Spice here bringing you the hottest Latina ass on the Internet! Today I’m going to dress up like a naughty little vixen for you and fuck myself with a yellow vibrator until I cum three times! How’s that for a blog intro? Did I grab your attention? Well it’s all true! You and I both know I’m a dirty little spice Latina but I love dressing like an innocent chick that’s pledging a sorority. Sometimes I think about what it would be like to get on campus at one of these places and show them how wild I can be. I’d wear the shortest skirt possible; much like the one I’m wearing in this shoot, and flash my ass to all the preppy guys that pass. Then I’d find a quiet spot in the library and fuck myself with a vibrator. I can only imagine how loud the buzzing would be! You should check out this latest set of photos and pretend like you just caught me masturbating in the library. I’ve included a bunch of photos of my spreading my pussy apart so you can see how deep my vibrator goes. So, if you were a dean at this preppy university, how would you punish me if you caught me cumming?
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